What is it?

The Podcorn analytics prefix is a short URL ( https://pdcn.co/e/ ) that is added to the beginning of each episode audio file URL in your show's RSS feed.

Why it matters:

The prefix allows Podcorn to track and report how many downloads or "listens" your episodes are receiving.

This information is shared with sponsors you submit proposals to, and helps to verify your show's download numbers and estimated audience size.

How to set up the Podcorn analytics prefix

Most podcast hosting platforms support analytics prefixes and provide a way to add them to your episode audio file URLs automatically.

It's usually as simple as visiting the settings page in the platform where your show is hosted, pasting in the prefix URL, and saving.

We have a list of set up instructions for the most popular podcast hosting platforms here.

When set up correctly, your episode audio file URLs in your show's RSS feed will have the Podcorn analytics prefix at the beginning of the URL, like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still use Podcorn if my podcast hosting platform doesn't support analytics prefixes?

A: Yes, you can still use Podcorn if you aren't able to set up the Podcorn analytics prefix for your show, but you will need to share screenshots to verify your show's analytics and estimated audience size.

We have examples and more information available here.

Q: Will my listen numbers in Podcorn match my listen or download numbers from my podcast hosting platform?

A: Not exactly. Two important things to keep in mind here:

1. Podcorn can only track downloads/listens from the time the analytics prefix is set up for your show. We won't get any of the data for downloads or listens that happened before the Podcorn prefix was set up for your show.

2. Podcorn's analytics system is IAB compliant, but there are small differences in how podcast hosting platforms track and report downloads and listens, so it's not likely your episode download or listens numbers in Podcorn will ever match up exactly with the download or listen numbers in your podcast hosting platform.

Transparency about your show's analytics goes a long way towards establishing trust with a sponsor, which means you'll be more likely to get hired initially and for future campaigns.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out through the chat icon in the lower right side of your screen, or by emailing support at podcorn.com.

To learn more about how to get sponsors for your podcast, check out:

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