Once you've found a sponsor you're excited about working with, click or tap the Send Proposal button.

Choose the content type, price, and date for publishing

You'll first select the type of content you'd like to create for (or with) the brand, then you'll enter the price, then select the date you'd like to publish the content in an episode.

Need help with pricing? Check out our Pricing Tips & FAQ.

Next, you'll see a place where you can write a message to the sponsor.

Sponsorship Proposal Details: What to include in your message to the sponsor

1. Introduce Your Show and Audience

Think of your proposal as a resume cover letter. A great way to start is to tell the sponsor a bit more information about yourself and your show and the type of content you would like to create for them.

Be creative and detailed in the proposals you write to sponsors. Most sponsors will value you for your creative ideas and passion, so showing effort is a great way to stand out. Make it easy for them to say yes to your proposal.

Podcorn also makes it easy for you to submit an audio proposal. Use that opportunity to create a sample ad for the potential sponsor so that they see that you’re already thinking about the integration and are serious about working with them.

2. Share a compelling reason for why you want to promote this sponsor

What makes your show and audience a great fit for this sponsor? What kind of content will you create for the campaign in order to help the sponsor achieve their goals? Why do you think this opportunity is a great fit? The more details that you can provide, the better.

Perhaps you are planning on covering a topic on an upcoming episode that relates to the brand, or maybe your listenership fits the demographic that the brand is looking for, or maybe you’ve been wanting to share this type of service with your listeners for a while. Share those reasons in your proposal.

3. Share Info and Screenshots of your show's downloads, listening data, and demographic information

Since one of the biggest benefits of these types of partnerships to sponsors is reaching your loyal listeners, being transparent about analytics data for your show helps sponsors get an understanding of the type of audience they can reach through your show, and what the size of that audience is.

Even if you’re just starting out and don’t have a huge audience yet, transparency goes a long way. In many cases, what the sponsors are really looking to see is consistency from the podcaster when it comes to their show production and audience growth efforts.

Share screenshots of your show analytics and download information and tell the story of your show's growth so far, and what you're doing to grow your audience.

For example, here's a few screenshots of my show analytics that I would share with sponsors to show my audience size and reach.

Recent episode downloads within 30 days of release. This shows the sponsor how many downloads my new episodes get within 30 days of being released.

Unique Listeners, all time. This graph shows how many listeners my show has on a month-to-month basis.

First 7 Days Since Release. This graph shows the number of downloads my 5 latest episodes received in the 7 days after they were released.

Where to Find Audience Demographic Information

Many sponsors will also like to see demographic information about your audience, like the age and gender of your listeners. This helps them feel confident that they'll be reaching the type of audience they're interested in reaching.

You can get this information from Spotify through their https://podcasters.spotify.com/ web portal. You can also get demographic information from most social media platforms, such as your podcast’s Instagram account or Facebook page.

I hope this helps you feel more confident about what to include in your proposals to sponsors, and we wish you the best of luck with your search!

Finally, here are some additional resources to help you learn more about getting sponsors for your show:

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