Unfortunately Acast does not give podcast creators the control and ability to add analytics prefixes to their RSS feeds.

Since many other hosting providers do support analytics prefixes, we hope that Acast will consider supporting them the future.

Good news though! You can still use Podcorn to find sponsorship opportunities even if your host doesn't support our prefix. You will just need to share screenshots of your show's analytics in your proposals and after publishing the episode, since Podcorn won't be able to verify your download numbers automatically through a prefix.

We recommend sharing a screenshot of the number of downloads/plays one of your recent episodes got in the first 30 days after it was published. You should also share a screenshot of the total number of downloads your show received in a recent week.

Additionally, including audience demographic information (like what you can get from Spotify) will help increase your success rate for proposals as well, as it helps the sponsor determine if your show and audience is a good fit for their campaign.

After you complete the sponsorship and publish the approved content, brands will likely ask for a 30-day download count at which point you can provide a screenshot of the downloads that the episode got in the previous month.

If you're looking for a new host for your show that does support the Podcorn analytics prefix, check out Buzzsprout, Podomatic, Captivate or RSS.

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