We started Podcorn with a vision to democratize podcast advertising and to make it easier for podcasters and brands of all sizes and budgets to find each other and collaborate on native branded content. Our mission was to build the infrastructure for direct podcaster/brand collaborations. We wanted to create an open platform for brands to discover, select, and collaborate directly with the larger ecosystem of independent podcasters, while podcast creators could have direct access to sponsorship opportunities and the tools to monetize and manage their own brand deals.

Since we started, the Podcorn platform has connected hundreds of brands like Hulu, Sony, Usual Wines and others with tens of thousands of podcast creators. We’ve been able to show so many brands that the size of a podcaster’s audience isn’t the only factor that equates to conversions – it’s about matching brands with the right podcasters who develop and create authentic relationships with their listeners. From creative host-read ads to engaging interviews, panels, topical discussions and product overviews, we’re inspired every day by the creativity that we see on the platform. And thanks to our amazing community of nearly 40,000 podcasters, we’ve come a long way.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are joining the Entercom family. Entercom is a top destination for advertisers and home to the nation’s most influential collection of podcasts and podcast companies Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios, digital and broadcast content, and premium live experiences. This partnership is an important moment for creators and brands as it will allow us to accelerate Podcorn’s vision so that we can help brands and podcasters succeed in an even bigger way. Entercom shares our vision for improving podcast monetization and driving results for brands with authentic and relevant branded content. We will be working together to continue to grow Podcorn, build more tools and bring even more value to podcasters, listeners and brands.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every brand and podcaster who ever signed up to Podcorn as well as our incredible team, partners and investors. Podcorn will continue to work the way it has and our mission and commitment to brands and podcasters is now stronger than ever.

This is just the beginning.

Stay tuned.

Agnes Kozera and David Kierzkowski

Founders, Podcorn

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