Organization administrators have the ability to set up analytics prefixes in Omny Studio.

Organization-level prefix setup:

To apply the Podcorn prefix to every program in your organization, head to the Organization settings page, and then select Content for the links on the left:

Enter the Podcorn prefix:  in the Prefix URL field and click save.

Program-level Prefix

You can add the Podcorn prefix to an individual program in your dashboard by heading to the Program's settings page, and click the Content tab:

Paste the Podcorn prefix URL in the Prefix URL field and save your changes.

Omny also supports multiple prefix URL's at the same time. Simply separate them with a forward slash, and remove the https:// of subsequent URL's after the first prefix. 


Thanks to Omny Studio for providing the screenshots for this help article. You can find Omny's original help article here.

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