Podbean does support the Podcorn analytics prefix, but you will need to email Podbean's support team to ask them to enable prefix URLs for your Podbean account before you can set it up.

Click here to send a support ticket to Podbean's support team to ask them to enable the prefix URL feature for your account.

You can copy and paste this message: 

Hi there, I'd like to have the analytics prefix URL option enabled for my show. Thanks!

After you get the response from Podbean's support team that the prefix URL feature is enabled for your account, head to Settings > Feed and click on the blue Advanced Feed Settings link.

Scroll down and you should see the URL prefix field. Enter https://pdcn.co/e/ into the field and save your update.

And that's it, the Podcorn analytics prefix should now be enabled for your show.

Head back to your Podcorn dashboard and visit the Sponsorships page to begin browsing the current sponsorship opportunities that are available.

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