Adding a new episode:

When adding a new podcast post, scroll to the area where you link your media from Blubrry.  The important field here is the Media URL field.  By default, your Media URL will look something like this:

You will want to add the redirect portion to this URL so that Podcorn can receive analytics for this episode.  You will be adding: to the Media URL, replacing http:// in the field.  It should look like this:

Save and publish your post and Podcorn should now start seeing analytics data from this episode!

Note: This is NOT a global setting and you will need to do this for each new episode that you publish.  You can go back and edit already published podcasts as well and it will have no negative affect on your podcast feed.

Modifying an existing episode:

This process is similar, you may see something different however when modifying an episode that was already published.  Scroll to the bottom of the page on your existing episode post.  

You will see a check box saying Modify existing podcast episode. Check this box and you will then see the Media URL field, just like the screen shots above.

You will then modify the Media URL in the same way and update your post to save it. That’s it!

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