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Pricing Tips and FAQ
Pricing Tips and FAQ

Tips about pricing and answers to frequently asked questions related to pricing

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Q: How much should I expect to earn?

The rates are up to you and can vary from campaign to campaign. It will also depend on the brand's budget, the ad/sponsorship types, your show and audience, and of course how much you'd like to earn. 

Podcorn gives you full control over how you price yourself, but there are different ranges that we recommend depending on the size of your podcast.

Q: How should I price myself if my show gets less than 1000 downloads per episode?

If your podcast gets on average under 1,000 downloads per episode, then we recommend charging a flat rate per sponsorship.

For pre-roll and mid-roll ads, $15-40 is a flat rate that most brands are comfortable with.

You can ask for more for custom work like reviews and interviews, since you'll be investing more time and effort. $40-$100 is the range we recommend starting out at for custom work.

You could also offer to bundle several episode sponsorships for one price to make your offer more appealing for brands.

Q: How should I price myself if my show gets more than 1000 downloads per episode? 

If your show gets over 1,000 downloads per episode, you can either charge a flat rate that you feel is fair, or use a CPM pricing model (X number of dollars per thousand downloads/listens).

For pre-roll or mid-roll ads, $15-$30 CPM seems to be a range a most brands are comfortable with.

It's common to charge a slightly higher flat rate or a range of $30-$50 CPM for anything that is a more integrated and custom for the brand, such as in-depth product reviews, interviews, topical discusions, etc.

If you decide to go with a higher price, it's important to put together a compelling story about how you’re going to bring value to the brand and create big results for the campaign.

Q: Can prices be negotiated or updated?

Yes, brands do have the option to negotiate for a different price. If you agree to the change, you can update your proposal.

To update a sent proposal, visit the Sponsorships page, then click to open the Sort By dropdown menu, then select Sort By: Proposals Sent. 

You should then see your sent proposals. Click the Edit Proposal button to update the proposal.

Q: How do I get paid?

After you sign up for a your free Podcorn account, you'll be able to browse the sponsorship opportunities (also called campaigns). Once you find an campaign that is a good fit for your show, you'll send a proposal to the brand.

If the brand decides they'd like to work with you, they'll accept the proposal and you'll be notified via email that your proposal was accepted and a workroom for the campaign has been created in your Podcorn dashboard.

We require all brands to pay for the sponsorship upfront immediately upon deciding to work with you, and we'll hold the money securely for you in escrow while you create the sponsored content for the campaign.

You'll submit an audio file that contains the sponsored content to the brand for review and approval through the workroom for the campaign, and the funds will be released to your account as soon as the brand approves the audio file.

You can choose to be paid through Stripe or Paypal, which you can setup in the Settings > Earnings page in your Podcorn dashboard.

Q: How does Podcorn make money?

We take 10% of the completed sponsorship payments to support our work in bringing podcasters opportunities and providing an easy, secure, and safe space to collaborate with brands. 

If you'd like, you can also add an additional 10% into your price when you are sending your proposal to brands to ensure you get paid out exactly the amount you'd like to earn.

Still have questions? Our support team is happy to help. Feel free to send us an email at

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